Miniature Painting Studio

Tabletop Order is a miniature painting studio based in Poland, offering you professional hobby services including assembling, painting and basing your minis. It is a company run by a group of true wargaming fanatics with a mission to spread the love for the hobby. When you decide to trust us with your commission, you can be sure it will be handled by, not only professional miniature painters for hire, but also people who truly care about your experience. Whether you plan on displaying a beautifully painted model or wish of playing a game with a polished, uniform army with a paint job you always dreamed of, Tabletop Order is here to help with devotion you can expect from the true hobbyists.

Tabletop Order

Warhammer Commission Painting Service

Our studio specializes in wargame miniatures painting. As players ourselves, we understand that having a nicely painted army not only brings you more joy from playing with it but also can make an impressive display to show off in front of your friends :) To fit all the needs you may have and to make the ordering process easy we have developed 4 ways, called levels in which we offer to paint your miniatures. Numbered 1 to 4, they differ in the number of applied colours and complexity of shading and highlighting. The higher the level the more detailed the final result and each of them was designed to fulfill a different role in army projects. While regular troopers could easily look fine on the table painted in level 2, the big centerpieces definitely look better and deserve the treatment level 3 and 4 bring to the table. Our warhammer painting studio is an excellent choice for those looking to take their hobby up a notch!


Finally no mini is truly complete without its base. Often, even though a miniature is nicely painted it doesn’t look good because of a base that doesn’t complement it. Bases’ style is also usually a unifying theme of a collection. That's why we see basing as an important part of creating a complete miniature.

Other Services

More than miniature painting service

Besides just painting your minis we offer you a full suite of hobby services. From supplying the models at a good price through clearing all the mold lines from their parts, careful assembly and finally filling the gaps that are a result of an imperfect casting process. In short we can take full care of a process of getting you a beautiful collection of your chosen models.

For clients who want their miniatures to be unique, or just have an amazing idea how to make their models really special, we gladly engage in converting models. A couple of conversions is an easy way to help a unit stand out and catch an eye or to make a stunning, one of a kind miniature, ready to take a spotlight in a collection.

Order Process

Made as easy as possible

Commissioning a project at Table Top Order is as easy as it gets. In just a few simple steps you can order a whole army of miniatures, bought for you, assembled, painted, based and delivered safely at your doorstep.
From start to finish, we are happy to provide you with a friendly service, help and explanation of all the details. You can always count on us if you need advice on how to proceed with your project. Our personal approach and communication channels open 7 days a week are a guarantee that all your comments and queries will be heard and answered.