Tabletop Order

Miniature Painting Studio

We are a group of enthusiasts gone pro. Our journey here started on that fateful day, when an old model was found when cleaning an attic. It was just a Skink, but what it caused was an avalanche. After rediscovering our childhood love for Warhammer we went utterly mental about the hobby. Miniature painting, creating terrain playing games, and recording our battles, we embraced all aspects of miniature wargames. Making ripples in our community we expanded our network of future associates. Finally combining our professional experience and unconditional love for the hobby we created Tabletop Order.

Our mission is to help you enjoy miniature wargames by bringing to the table a full suite of best quality services and promote the hobby we love.

Professional Hobby Services

In charge of every commission we take on is a professional miniature painter. Every artist we employ has access to the highest quality equipment and materials. They take your vision, and add their skill to create the best possible results. All along their work process is closely supported by our head artist, lending his own skill and knowledge to every project.

We strive to deliver to you first rate hobby services. Our customers’ satisfaction is a measure of our work. Proper assembling of a miniature is a foundation of every successful hobby project. Then comes the painting. Masterful application of this art brings your miniatures to life. Finally we base the miniature, anchoring in a fitting setting. All these steps are equally important to produce a miniature worthy of being a part of your collection, that’s why we treat all our aspects of our work with the same dedication.

Safe & international Shipping

Tabletop Order serves clients from all around the world. At this point in time, when the world has become a global village there is just no other way to be.

To ensure a safe delivery of your precious miniatures we have developed a packaging system that will keep your dear models and their paint job protected even during the longest of travels. You can rest assured that when we finish your commission it will arrive at your doorstep safe and sound.