3 November 2022

Warhammer miniature painting: Space Marines Captain

“A Captain leads from the front. By his example shall his men know what it is to be of the Adeptus Astartes, and from his teachings […]
21 October 2022
miniature painter painting a warhammer model

Miniature Painting Process

We treat our work as a hobby. That’s why we paint our miniatures with such passion andcommitment! Although miniature painting process may seem complicated and difficult, […]
14 October 2022

Warhammer 101: The Chaos Gods

The Chaos Gods of Warhammer are most powerful entities of a reality known as the Warp. There are core four Chaos Gods and they appear in […]
16 May 2020

Two games one Ogre roster

My meditations on the Ogres' last game against the Empire. Bonus content - a short written batrep!
7 May 2020

Painting Sisters of Battle ep. 1

Join Tom on his quest for an army of Adepta Sororitas. In this episode: when and how did it start and the first attempt at painting troops.