Extra Services

In addition to assembling and painting miniatures which make up the core of our offer we also provide extra services described below. If what you need done goes beyond the scope of what is presented on this website, don't hold out and contact us. We take up just about any miniature related art project.


Miniature conversions are a great way to get to make your models unique and full of character. Be it using kit bash, sculpting or custom made bits, we enjoy personalizing minis. But to create a truly special miniature you need an equally special idea first. Usually a proposal for a particular conversion comes from a customer, but if you are out you can always count on our creativity.

Model supply

Our suite of services is tailored to let you complete the whole project in one place. Supplying the miniatures is the first step on this path. If you decide that you want us to buy the minis for you, not only will it take the responsibility to send us the models off your hands but it can also mean we can start working on your project sooner. There is one more advantage of ordering miniatures for your project with us. Thanks to good partnerships we share with our vendors, you can count on our prices to be competitive. If you would like to find out more, email us at hello@tabletoporder.com or use our contact form.

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