If you are on this page, surely you have already witnessed how beautiful a well built and painted model can present itself on a gaming table. The journey this gods of war take to the battlefield starts with their perfect assembly. Each part of any model we paint is cut out of its sprue with surgical precision. Next all the imperfections the plastic may have are smoothed out with a scalpel, delicate sandpaper and green stuff. Next the parts are glued together and again the gaps in places where the connections aren’t perfect are filled. Finally the miniature is ready to be painted. Glory awaits!

CategoryModels examplesPrice
Small InfantryNurglings, Night Goblins3-4$
InfantryChaos Warriors, Skitarii4-6$
Elite InfantryPhoenix Guards, Flash Gitz7-10$
Monstrous InfantryWulfen, Kroxigor7-10$
Hero / HQOrk Painboy, The Light of Eltharion7-10$
Mounted Hero / HQLoonboss on Giant Cave Squig, Autarch Skyrunner10-15$
Large Hero / HQMephiston, Warsong Revenant 15-20$
Monster Hero / HQ / PrimarchHorus Ascended, Mortarion25-30$
CavalryBlood Knights, Serberys Riders35-45$
Monstrous CavalrySkullcrushers, Hernkyn Pioneers45-50$
Small MonsterDreadnought, Great Eagle50$-100$
Medium MonsterRedemptor Dreadnought, Riptide50$-100$
Large MonsterImperial Knight, Alarith Spirit of the Mountain50$-100$
Small TankChimera, Rhino50$-100$
Medium tankImpulsor, Land Raider50$-100$
Large TankPrimaris Repulsor, Gunwagon50$-100$
AircraftFire Prism, Stormhawk Interceptor50$-100$
Bigga AircraftCrimson Hunter, Dakkajet50$-100$
Titanic Size Warhound, Astrateus Super Heavy Tank50$-100$

Getting a Quote

To get in touch with us and get a quote for your project you can use our project creator, the contact form or you can send us an email at If you haven't decided yet don’t mull over it! Ask us any questions you have and get your quote, it's always free of charge and talking about miniatures is our hobby.