Order Process

Welcome to this guide to our business process. If you want to understand how to get your miniatures painted by us you have come to the right place :)

The path we follow when processing orders is streamlined so it is easy to understand, but we still provide you with as much support as you need and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The process is designed so it ensures that you get the quality you expect from us. You can keep an eye on our progress yourself thanks to regular updates we send and we are always happy to hear your feedback. Besides your review our work is also subject to our internal QA procedure.

  • Tell us what you need.

    This the very first step on the way to get your miniatures painted by our artists. Head out to the “ordering” section and fill out the form or send us an email at hello@tabletoporder.com. We ask you to specify the kind and amount of miniatures you want us to paint as well as what painting and basing level you would like for them. You can also specify if you want us to perform any extra services, for example supply you with the models or build and clean the models for you while you send us sprues.
  • We make you an offer… you can refuse, actually.

    At this point you receive our offer. In it we specify how much the project is going to cost and provide an estimation of how much time it is going to take us to finish it.
  • Do you accept?

    Then we wait for your feedback, at this step you can also adjust your initial order specification. When you accept the offer we are ready to start the real work!
  • Deposit is paid.

    As a token of your good faith and for the purpose of covering initial expenses we ask you to make a front payment on your order. This is always no more than 50% of the price specified in the offer you accepted in the previous step.
  • The devil is in the details.

    We finally can get down to the real business. At this point we ask you to specify all the details like your color scheme and basing theme.
  • Let the painting begin!

    Finally we are able to start working at your project. Our painters diligently work now to get the job done ASAP.
  • So, who watches the watchmen?

    While we fulfill your order, our work is subject to regular QA checks. Every miniature and base done by our artists receives such a check so that we can eliminate errors as soon as they arise. At the same time we share with you the status of our progress as well as photo highlights. This way you are able to double check on the quality as the project moves on if you so wish.
  • Mission accomplished?

    Once we are done with your project, we send you a full photo documentation for your review. We then await your final approval that all we have done is compliant with specifications, laid down at step 5.
  • Final payment.

    Once you confirm that the project is done, we ask you to make the final payment. As soon as we receive it, we make the final step happen.
  • Reinforcements arrive!

    Your miniatures are now carefully packed in line with our special packaging system. Then we send them via a reliable courier service and share with you a tracking number, now your models are just days away from joining your collection!

Don't hesitate and get your quote now!