Shipping your models safely home is as important as getting them painted. Obviously we don’t want our hard work and your money to be wasted if your package would happen to pass through an orc run sorting office. When miniatures are ready to start their journey home we carefully pack them into a styrofoam box filled with styrofoam granulate. That in turn is put into a high quality cardboard box and secured with stretch wrap. Thus prepared your package is ready to be sent, you can be sure that it is ready to withstand anything mail delivery specialists can throw it into, or at it.

Below you can find estimated average shipping costs to various countries.

Up to 40 infantry models

Where?Polish PostEst. TimeDHLEst. Time
EU26$(10-28 days)26$(4-9 days)
GB26$(10-28 days)26$(4-9 days)
Norway30$(10-28 days)30 - 80$(4-9 days)
Russia30$(10-28 days)80$(4-9 days)
USA35$(10-28 days)40 - 80$(4-9 days)

More than 40 infantry models

Where?Polish PostEst. TimeDHLEst. Time
EU78$(10-28 days)50 - 78$(4-9 days)
GB78$(10-28 days)50 - 78$(4-9 days)
Norway90$(10-28 days)80 - 175$(4-9 days)
Russia90$(10-28 days)240$(4-9 days)
USA105$(10-28 days)80 - 175$(4-9 days)
Please remember that shipping cost for each package is calculated individually during the ordering process and may vary from those presented below as it is calculated based on the package size, country of destination and delivery priority. When your package leaves our studio you will receive its tracking number which you can use to check package status.

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