When you think about your collection as a whole, a common feature across most if not all of these miniatures are their bases. Be it oval round or square they not only prop them up but also provide them with a setting. The base can capture your guys when they are marching through rolling hills of green grass or have taken position in some derelict starship. While being a part of the general feel of your army, the scenery you choose for your miniatures to be displayed in, also complements their paint job. A nicely painted miniature on an empty base will look just unfinished.

Full Range
of Commission Basing


Just like with our painting service we have divided the basing into 4 levels. Each serves a specific role in completing a project. Starting from the most basic level 1 up to scenic bases of level 4 we can find the solution here to satisfy all your needs.


Level: Battle Ready

Level: Battle Ready is the most basic one, appropriate for all those situations that call for budget and quick effects. Often applied when a miniature covers most of its small base, not making room for the base to really shine.

Level: Bronze

Level: Bronze is the utility level for small bases. Best suited for most of those cases it combines a full range of base coverings shaded and highlighted and adds additional features like static grass tufts, stone or bits.

Level: Silver

Level: Silver is the go to level for larger miniatures and also brings that special treatment for standard size infantry. Better light effects, more special features and an option for a surface textured with a rolling pin are all included when you choose this option.

Level: Gold

Level: Gold are scenic bases, reserved for truly imposing models and collection centerpieces. Always meticulously done, these pieces are made to order and feature all the best our artists have to offer.


Basing price is a combination of several factors. As you can see in the table the level you choose and base’s size (the size in mm shown in the first column refers to the round/oval base’s diameter/major axis or to its longer side if base is rectangular). may be considerably higher than one of a lower level due to extra work that such a base requires.

The size and finish level are the most important factors when calculating the price, but we also take into account any special wishes you may have and choice of unusual materials. Level: Gold base’s price may be considerably higher than one of a lower level due to extra work that such a base requires.

It is worth noting that no miniature will leave our studio without at least a basic base finish, regardless of the base size.

up to 25mmIncl.
up to 32mmIncl.
up to 40mmIncl.
up to 50mmIncl.
up to 75mmIncl.
up to 100mmIncl.
More than 100mmIncl.

Resin Base maybe?

If you are interested in high quality resin bases we have a special offer for you. Supplied by our partners from Micro Art Studio and painted by our artists these bases make for a detailed and original scene for your miniatures. These are great not only thanks to our artists' paint job but also come at a discount price.